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One great new feature to the Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki is the ability to search from the search box inside of most modern browsers. Here is how you add the Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki search plugin:

Internet Explorer 7

Click on the search box, and you should see it as an selectable option:


Click on the name (as shown above) and it will be saved to your search engine selections next time you select a search engine from the drop down choices.

Firefox 3

In Firefox, click on the icon next to the search box (directly left, where you see the Google favicon) in the top right corner of the browser. This will bring up your drop down choices of search engines you can use. At the very bottom, you should see the Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki as a choice, click it.


Now you can directly search the Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki from the Firefox search box, anytime you need to.